maximising horse racing profits

If you have an active interest betting on horse racing and are looking to both understand how it works better and how to increase your winnings, then our Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits’ is here to help. 

Through this guide you can learn how to...

  • Fully understand the horse racing betting market.
  • Learn how to focus on the best, most profitable bets.
  • Understand how to avoid the bets most likely to cause you losses.
  • Increase your Return on Investment by at least 2%.
  • Apply our unique ‘Double’ and ‘Triple’ Up strategy to further boost the returns from your bets.

Available as either part of our Pro Betting Guide suite of products or as a stand-alone e-book, the secrets contained within could have a dramatic impact on your own horse racing betting profits. 


Expertise Direct From A Proven Professional Gambler

The guide has been written by ‘Mr Gekko’, a well-known professional gambler, who has lived off the proceedings of his own betting for several years.  It’s very rare to come across a professional like Mr Gekko, who is willing to spill the beans on how he works, so this really is a must-read guide.

Much of what he unveils in this guide is key to how he maximises his own racing profits from his own personal betting, so in reading it, you are benefiting from previously little-known trade secrets.

Our estimates suggest this could increase your Return on Investment by at least 2%, a figure which sounds low, but in reality could have a major impact. If you staked £100,000 in bets last year and made a 7.5% ROI, you would have enjoyed a £7,500 profit. An extra 2% ROI on top of this would equate to a further £2,000 profit – not to be sniffed at and more than paying for Mr Gekko’s expertise many times over. Even those of you smaller bettors could still be hundreds a year better off!

Not only this but you can also benefit from Mr Gekko’s unique Double-Ups and Triple-Ups strategy, which allowed for betting subgroups with respective 28.3% ROI and 66.7% ROI live results to be clearly identified as part of a 13.3% racing tipster portfolio between 2011 and 2012. 

Thus allowing you to focus your staking on the very best and most lucrative bets and in effect - maximising your Horse Racing Profits. Any of you following multiple racing tipsters, simply must read this section, it could have a dramatic impact on your profits!

The Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits comes in 3 parts as follows:

Part 1: Understanding The Horse Racing Betting Market.

Part 2: Identifying The Best/Worse Bets & How These Can Improve Your Profit Bottom-Line.

Part 3: Mr Gekko’s Highly Lucrative ‘Double-Up’ & ‘Triple-Up’ Strategies.


Part 1: Understanding The Horse Racing Betting Market

To kick-start proceedings, Mr Gekko guides you through all of the theory behind his findings so you can understand exactly why and how the markets work as they do, including topics such as:

  • Where all the best profits come from.
  • The price trends that exist in betting markets.
  • Why falling or rising odds trends matter in racing.
  • How to identify and then stay the right side of the key market movements.
  • How to spot the most profitable types of bets out there.
  • How to bet more aggressively when the odds are most likely to be heavily in your favour.
  • How to swerve questionable bets that might not be as strong as first considered.
  • What we can learn from the betting markets

All of this provides a thorough grounding for maximising your horse racing betting so you can understand the simple logic behind his secrets for success. Don’t worry – you needn’t have a degree in Maths to understand this – it’s all explained in simple English, making it easy to get to grips with.

Once you have grasped this, its onto how this can be applied to the horse racing betting market and how you can start to see the financial benefits...


Part 2: Applying To The Horse Racing Betting Market

In this second section, Mr Gekko goes on to showcase how by applying his knowledge, you can massively improve your own profits by both targeting and avoiding the best/worst bets out there.

For example, check out the proven racing tipster service below whose 8 year record, Mr Gekko analysed as part of his findings.  

  Bets Stakes Profit
Best Bets 1962 +706.6 36.0%
Unaffected Bets 256 +13.1 5.1%
Worst Bets 217 -53.1 -24.0%

Immediately we you can see how useful Mr Gekko’s findings are in that his identified best bets account for over 100% of profits generated by that tipster – allowing for an improvement to actual ROI achieved.

See how this is plotted visually with the ‘best bets’ blue line soaring high, above both the green and red lines of ‘unaffected’ and ‘worst’ bets respectively.

This is a pattern that is repeated across the board with his own high-quality portfolio of racing tipsters bringing the following results to advised odds:

Its safe to say, that the findings in this section can have a massive impact on your betting output, simply by understanding which bets equate to the most profitable. Once you know where you have the biggest edge, you can focus on getting money down on these best bets while also avoiding loss-makers or break even bets.

It’s very hard to understate just how important this can be. Whilst we are not suggesting that you can only bet on the right horse each time (due to that thing called hindsight 20/20 vision), you will certainly be able to get much closer than before!

How Just A 2% Increase In ROI Could Make All The Difference

Mr Gekko’s calculations suggest that by concentrating on the best bets, an improvement in the range of 2% percentage points should be achievable to a typical betting portfolio given realistic conditions and assumptions. 

Whilst that doesn’t sound much on paper, a 2% ROI percentage point improvement could provide a huge difference to your bottom-line profits. It could turn a break-even year into a profitable one or for those of you high rollers, bring in thousands of extra profits. Here are some examples of how...

  • Staked £10,000 in bets last year but made a £0 profit? An extra 2% ROI would bring you a profit of £200.
  • Staked £20,000 in bets last year and made a £1,500 profit? An extra 2% ROI would make you a further £400.
  • Staked £50,000 in bets last year and made a £4,000 profit? An extra 2% ROI would make you a further £1,000.

And if you are a higher roller...the differences become even more vast...

  • Staked £150,000 in bets last year and made a £10,000 profit? An extra 2% ROI would make you a further £3,000
  • Staked £300,000 in bets last year and made a £20,000 profit? An extra 2% ROI would make you a further £6,000

 Part 3: Mr Gekko’s Highly Lucrative ‘Double-Up’ & ‘Triple-Up’ Strategies

The third and final part of the ‘Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits’ is perhaps the most important as it contains Mr Gekko’s lucrative ‘Double-Up’ & ‘Triple-Up’ strategies.

In this, he takes all the theory from Parts 1 and 2 to another level and reveals how both Doubling or Tripling up on the right bets can make a huge impact on your profitability.

Taking a portfolio of Secret Betting Club monitored racing tipsters, he shows how by applying these strategies, much bigger profits can be enjoyed. This is drawn from a period between January 2011 and April 2012 and covers thousands of bets from many well-known tipsters of note.

To explain financially, if you had simply followed his rundown of SBC featured racing tipsters on an individual basis, you would have made a 13.3% ROI, which in itself is great. The figures for this standalone are great...

Individual tips:  Stakes 13,774.70 pts,  Profit 1,835.5,  ROI 13.3%

However, if you then broke this down to the bets that qualified via his Double and Triple-Up strategies, the ROI increases to 28.3% and 66.7% respectively as below.

Double-Up tips:  Stakes 1,657.80 pts,  Profit 469,  ROI 28.3%

Triple-Up tips:  Stakes 163.2 pts,  Profit 108.8,  ROI 66.7%

By staking more money on any Double and Triple-up qualifiers, this could then boost your 13.3% ROI starting point to much higher levels.

It’s a strategy that Mr Gekko has employed himself to very good effect, by placing more money on those bets with a much higher Return on Investment. You would still back each tip on an individual basis but by following both Double and Triple-Ups to increased stakes, you would be able to boost your profits significantly.

Whatever Your Betting Experience - It Can Help You

Regardless of whether you have won or lost money horse racing in the past, this guide can make a huge difference to your bottom-line profits courtesy of Mr Gekko’s secrets.

It’s for both seasoned profit-makers, perennial strugglers and newcomers alike, so if you are interested in improving your horse racing betting – you must check it out.

We firmly believe that if applying some of Mr Gekko’s findings to your own personal horse racing betting, it could pay for your own copy of Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits many times over!

How To Secure Your Own Copy

Obtaining secrets from professionals such as Mr Gekko like this is not easy but we have managed to negotiate with him an extra special pricing structure to enable as many people as possible to pick up this guide.

You can purchase it in one of two ways.

Option 1 – Standalone Purchase For £69

Obtain your own copy of the Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits today for only £69. Delivered instantly to your email account once purchased.

Option 2 – Purchase as part of the Pro Betting Guide Suite of Expert Gambling Products for £199 (£149 if an existing Secret Betting Club Silver or Gold member)

The Pro Betting Guide is a 5 part guide on everything you require to take your betting expertise to the next level including:

  • Expert Guide To Successful Professional Betting. Worth £69
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Individually this 5 part guide is worth £396.98 but as part of a special package, is now available for either £149 or £199

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